Our intensive one-to-one courses combine the advantages of
a pleasant homestay with the benefits of a top quality Dutch course.

Richard van Egdom welcomes you to the DIALOGUE-TALEN Centre in Sint-Pieters-Leeuw, near Brussels, Belgium.

Richard Van Egdom

Richard van Egdom has a Masters Degree in Sociology and a postgraduate degree in Organizational Development from Louvain University (KUL), Belgium.

Richard was actively involved in the Scouts Movement for several years, as Deputy Camp Chief and as a member of the Scouts Leadership Training Team (VVKSM) in the Dutch speaking part of Belgium.

After obtaining his postgraduate degree, Richard was a member of the Advisory Board for a major journal on Field Theory in Social Sciences called ‘Gestalt Theory, an International Interdisciplinary Journal’.

After additional training in Gestalt Therapy (Laura Perls) and Existential Counselling, and some years of experience in Organisational Development, Richard decided to specialise in individual counselling for executive managers.

Until the birth of his twins, Arno and Klara, he had a private practice in Zurich where he contributed to the creation of ‘Arbeitskreis für existentielle Analyse’.

Richard still teaches Phenomenology of Learning and Moral Development at the School for Continuing Studies (IUFP) at Lille II University.

As part of his specialisation in team building, Richard was also trained as a Mountain Leader. In his free time, he is the Secretary of the Belgian Professional Union of Mountain Professions (UPMM). Richard’s hobbies are hiking, aikido and Zen. Richard speaks four languages: Dutch French, English and German.


Our Dutch courses are organised at Green Park Hotel in Sint-Pieters-Leeuw, near Brussels

Your room is comfortable and fully equipped with a desk, television and DVD player, private bathroom (washbasin, shower and toilet) and a ‘Wi-Fi’ connection to the Internet for your laptop.

All lessons are one-to-one and tailored to your specific needs. They focus simultaneously on:

We welcome a maximum of two or three students a week in Sint-Pieters-Leeuw. This is to ensure full personalisation also outside the lessons. The teaching team consists of highly qualified and experienced teachers with extensive training in our personalised and effective coaching method.

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