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Our intensive one-to-one language courses combine the advantages of a pleasant homestay
with the benefits of a top quality language course.

The advantages of a pleasant homestay:

  • Relaxed atmosphere conducive to learning and developing self-confidence in your new language
  • Constant attention paid to your areas of interests
  • Excellent home-made international cuisine

The benefits of a top quality language course:

  • Needs assessment and setting up of objectives
  • Structured and interactive lessons
  • Effective coaching method
  • Qualified and experienced trainers
  • Rapid progress in your listening skills and pronunciation
  • Certainty to reach the objectives fixed at the start of the course

Features that make us unique:

  • A fully tailor-made language course designed for you and with you
  • A limited number of students per week to ensure full personalisation also outside the lessons
  • Presence of your trainers during breaks and meals to accompany and support you throughout the day
  • An integrated language training programme in total immersion from breakfast till bedtime

Our systematic and personalised approach to coaching combined with a relaxed family atmosphere enable our students to make considerable progress in a very short time. You will find testimonials from our previous students that confirm this.

Angloscene Intensive Language Courses
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