Testimonials about our Intensive English Courses

"The training at Angloscene Languages fullfilled all my expectations. My aim was to brush up my English, which was achieved through individually designed lessons, delivered by a highly qualified teacher . The focus was set on the most important topics in order to reach the maximum amount of progress. I strongly recommend Angloscene Languages."

Andreas Akeret

Swiss Life Insurance Group


I spent two weeks at Angloscene and I think that was the right length for this kind of training.
The main advantages of this course are the all-day contact with your teachers and the chance to be totally immersed in the language.
The place is in a quiet environment and it is very friendly. It does not offer too many distractions from your studies and it is very relaxing.
The Angloscene course is also very personalised and offers you a set of “learning tools” you can use once back home.
Just remember that what makes the difference is always your motivation.

Elisa Gaudio, Italy


I would like to thank you for the wonderful and useful time that I had at Angloscene, for your teaching and for your hospitality.

It is impossible for me to tell you what a great experience it was to visit your school, even if it was only for a short stay.

I want to take lessons again at your school.

I look forward to seeing you again in the near future.

Masayoshi Iwasa


I would sincerely like to thank you very much. I have enjoyed my stay at your place and I have learnt a lot during this week.

Many thanks for your delicious meals, which I can recommend to anyone. Your company during the meals was very pleasant. You gave me a lot of things to think about. Not to forget: thanks a lot for the special tour of Rye.

Thanks to your efficient method, I started making progress from the first day in my specific problem areas. Thank you for your patience and flexibility.

I can say that the whole experience was truly worthwhile. And, as Mike said: ‘Every ending is the start of a new beginning!’

It was a pleasure to meet you, and once again, many thanks.

Deborah Cabau

HR Consultant - HOLLAND


I would like to express my appreciation again for your lessons and hospitality during my stay at Angloscene.

I believe that one to one lessons are the best way to learn English quickly and properly. Thanks to your system, I could learn exactly what I wanted.

It is almost an endless road to learn a language but my experience at Angloscene was absolutely one of the biggest gains and steps on my way to the mastery of the English language.

Shinya Shiotsuki

Sakhalin Energy

(Mitsubishi Group)



If somebody reads these lines and is interested in some personal comments then I would like to point out the following: the teaching concept was brilliant, I made a lot of progress within just one week.

Especially my problem of managing the rules of grammar was perfectly solved by an easily understandable explanation. The teachers did a very good job and my expectations were more than fulfilled.

The English training took place in a very pleasant environment, perfect accommodation with always terrific meals and with very warm and open hosts. If somebody is going to combine the language training with some sports, cycling and running are recommended – it is a beautiful region.

I am going to come back for sure. Hopefully at the end of this year. Many thanks to Minoo and Michael.

Oliver Bargfeld,

Business Director, BBDO Dusseldorf


"It was an exceptional experience. I had the opportunity to experience an excellent new method of learning a language.

Yes, I had tried other courses that ended when they finished. The Angloscene one is completely different because the teachers show you a method to improve your listening and speaking English and not only during the course. They gave me the self-confidence to lose my shyness with the English language."

Emilio Acevedo, Business Manager,




A very nice place, Angloscene; two very

Nice Teachers, a Super Cook, and two kind Children

Gave me the opportunity to

Learn English in the best way;

One week, from morning till night,

Stressed the knowledge. So, I became

Confident in this rich language. But the

End of this course is only the beginning!

Never I thought, I would enjoy this so much. This

Encourages me to go further with learning, …

René F. Funck, Entity Information Officer,

Siemens, Belgium


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