Testimonials about our Intensive French Courses in France

1st Testimonial

My language skills were quickly assessed at the outset and the training very well tailored according to my needs.

The highly professionnal approach coupled with the warm, welcoming athmosphere at Kerfiac provided a setting in which I could benefit to the fullest extend and without distraction.

This is a truly exceptional and rewarding approach to learning French in preparation for use in the real world.

I chose the “very intensive week” with one-on-one tutoring; it was indeed just that-very intensive ! But this is the way to go, without doubt.

The delicious meals were the icing on the cake !

Thanks to Bernard, Marie and Véronique.

2nd Testimonial (in reply to a request for a reference)

I was really impressed by the course. It is very professionally organized. Intense, indeed yes. If that is what you want, that is what you get! For me there was no better substitute than one-on-one immersion.

At the outset Bernard and his colleague(s) assess your strengths and weaknesses and tailor the sessions according to your needs and specific requirements, whether it be everyday conversation or specialist business language, oral, aural or written.

The location is a delight, a rural idyll with no distractions - I found long walks at the end of the day's sessions a good way to unwind.

The family environment, mealtimes (delicious food - Véronique is a wonderful cook) and accommodation is very welcoming and in effect an extension of the classroom sessions, but at the same time offers you the privacy you may need to simply relax or do homework.

If that is not enough to whet your appetite, let me know and I will tell you more!

Mr Michael Nathan

Scientist from the WHO



Week 1

Thank you for a really excellent week !


I was initially attracted by the Dialogue technique as decribed on the web. It sounded good and after 15 years of stagnation with my French, I thought it worth a try. Naturally, I was a bit sceptical, but in fact it greatly exceeded my expectations. I feel I may have made a real breakthrough !
The teaching methods of both instructors were of a very high standard and delivered with extraordinary patience.


Outstanding ! B & V were very welcoming and helpful. V’s cooking was everything one would hope for a French country holiday. Absolutely delicious and in large quantities !


Excellent 9/10
Very good value !

There is a better than 90% chance that I will return and would strongly recommend it to my friends.

Week 2

Once again very good.

The technical basis of the instruction is very effective and the standard of instruction was very high.

As Bernard knew I wanted to be pushed and the level of motivation and challenge was very well judged.

I had highs and lows in my own performance, but the important thing was that the level of challenge, motivation and support remained high which is a considerably accolade to both my instructors and the helpful role that Véronique played.

Once again the food and social aspects of the stay were of a very high standard.

Il will certainly recommend Dialogue and would be delighted if I am able to return.

Mr S.P.

Defense Company – Manager


I feel that the whole week has been extremely fruitful and has exceeded my expectations on many levels.

I am extremely content with the progress I have made and feel that the method of recording the key phrases has been an integral part of my learning experience.

In addition, I am much more aware of the musical nature of French and I am now able to target specific areas of the language for improvement, such as fluency via practising and controlling pace, intonation and the rhythm of spoken French.

Culturally speaking, the course has been outstanding, giving me an invaluable insight into the cultural nuances involved in the French customer service industry.

Furthermore, I have made a lot of progress regarding key vocabularly related to work and I now have a solid base from which I can work from, in all areas, to improve my capability in French in the future.

Mr R.H.

Automotive Industry – Customer service


My week at Dialogue-France was truly an enlighting and educative experience.

Bernard and Florent were excellent patient and thorough teachers. They encouraged me to try my hardest but never pushed me too hard.

Bernard, Véronique and Théo made me feel completely at home in the beautiful house and Véronique’s marvelous cooking kept me thoroughly satisfied.

If all the Dialogue courses are like this one, I will definitely be picking up Spanish, German and anything else that you offer !

Thank you for a fantastic week!



This was a well spent week. The setting is quiet and very attractive. I truly felt welcomed by the Hénusse family and I felt that they went out of their way to make me comfortable – They even drove me to the coast to see la Manche (a.k.a. the English Channel).

The lessons were intensive without being oppressive – The same can be said of the immersion between lessons.

Though I felt my oral comprehension took 2 big step forward “I have reached” a point where progress in oral expression is slow. I think use of my phrases-clés will help to automatisms.

Before I came for this week, I could only catch snatches of TV-Cine. – Now I can listen to TV and understand the most of what I hear. Also, sole of the grammatical work (+clarification) in the daily lessons have speeded up my reading quite a bit.

I enjoyed myself a great deal. Not the least of the attractions are the animals – 5 cats, 4 hens + 2 lovely dogs who took me in a long walk almost every day and made certain I found my way home

Ms Ann Hoefer




I found the lessons and the method really good – particularly the tapping into what I already knew + then working on phrases to express my ideas. The question and answer format was good for comprehension + speaking + to focus on subjects of interest.

Marie was a great teacher, gentle but persistent with my errors.

The prononciation exercices were useful + I do feel that I’ve a better understanding of how to hear and make the different sounds.


I appreciate very much the efforts to accommodate my food allergies, the help with organising the weekend, and efforts to include me in mealtime conversation.

Ms Ariane Rummery

UN Official



I am deeply pleased with my progress at DialogueE-France. It is reasonable progress and encourages me. Above all, I take away a method that teaches me how to study myself and to make further progress via at-home study or with support of another program.

The professors were extremely attentive and I was impressed with the preparation and the customization of my classes.

The facilities are utterly charming and I was always made to feel warm and welcome among the family. The diversion of animals and landscape was a delight and the care and talent of the cooking made our meal times the wonderful respites they became.

Ms Laura Wenke

Marketing Manager


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