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The Dialogue-Idiomas Centre for intensive Spanish courses is located thirty kilometres from the centre of Barcelona, in the Alt Penedés region of Catalonia.

Situated on the Mediterranean, Barcelona is Spain's second largest city, with a population of just under 2 million. The city's geographical location, its history and languages have all contributed to creating a multi faceted, multi cultural and diverse metropolis.

Almost everyone in Barcelona is bilingual and speaks both Catalan, the official language of Catalonia, and Spanish (Castilian), the official language of Spain.

The Barcelona area provides an entire host of activities including shopping, sporting events, museums, concerts, theatres, cinemas, beaches, golf, bowling, biking, horseback riding, etc.

In your room at Dialogue-Idiomas, you will find an array of brochures and guides for these activities in Barcelona. Free entry passes to a local sports club (swimming pool, gymnasium) are available upon request.


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