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Thanks very much for my Spanish immersion programme. I found the experience very enjoyable and fruitful. The classes are very structured, and hence make the classes, especially sections on grammatical structures, which would have been hard to follow via self-study, easy to follow. Adela is dedicated, structured, patient and encouraging. She also gives interesting examples which make the classes more interesting and lively. She is a caring and attentive teacher/person. I´m now encouraged to continue studying and learning Spanish after this course.

Apart from the actual formal classes, I also thoroughly enjoyed my overall stay at Adela´s house with her and her family. They have been kind, caring and attentive to my needs and it was for me a great cultural experience as well. We talked about our respective experiences, cultures, traditions, etc. And the food at Adela´s house was excellent. Not only was the food delicious, it also gave me more exposure to typical foods prepared by Spanish families. I feel that, this programme has not only helped me in my learning of the Spanish language, I have also gained a good friend in Adela and her caring, lovely family!

Best Regards


(Kai Lew)



I have just finished the Dialogue course in Barcelona and I want to give you my testimonial to put on the web page.

"My experience at Dialogue was everything I had hoped for. In five days, I was able to re-learn all of the grammatical structures I had forgotten after an 8 year absence from taking Spanish courses in school. I also improved my listening comprehension significantly due to the fact that I was surrounded by a Spanish speaking family for the entire week who went out of their way to speak to me clearly and make sure that I understood what they were saying, whether it was at the dinner table, while watching TV, or passing in the hallway. The accommodations were wonderful as I had my own little apartment on the garden level of their house where I could relax after long days of learning, and the food was amazing! I would definitely recommend Dialogue to my friends and hope to return in the near future."

Janel Sharma


I wanted an in-depth course of Spanish, to enable me to understand and appreciate the nuances of Spanish. I chose Barcelona, Spain with Dialogue. I lived in my own modern fully-equipped apartment adjacent to the classroom. All meals, including wine etc., were taken with the whole family. That included the teacher, Adela, her husband, Manolo, together with their two children and her mother, Nanny???. The majority of the meals were cooked by Adela’s mother, who is an exceptional and inspired cook. The food is more than sufficient and varied to accommodate individual choice. If special needs are required, they are provided. The quality is outstanding. I was at Dialogue in Barcelona for one month and learned many things that are not in text books. The teacher, Adela, had endless patience with my continuous written and spoken errors, and is a teacher of high quality. I would recommend this location and teacher for anyone wishing to gain a maximum experience of Spain in a limited time. And for me personally, I will return when the opportunity arises, as I had the most enjoyable and happy experience.

Roger Litten


I attended the Dialogue language school in Cataluña for 2 weeks in March 2011. For those considering booking a course there, the following comments may be helpful:

1 The school is run by Adela from her home. She shares this home with her husband, Manolo, and her 3 year old daughter, Martina. When a student is in residence, Adela’s mother comes and cooks the meals and does childminding duties.

2 The timetable is discussed between the student & Adela and accommodates the preferences of the student.

3 The student lives in a purpose built section of the house which comprises a bedroom, separate shower & toilet and a large room with a kitchen area. This last room is the study where the lessons take place and is also a comfortable sitting room. It has the benefit of WiFi. The WiFi had a problem whilst I was there, but Adela made sure that I had unlimited Internet access via the free use of a dongle. The whole student area is a private space, except during lessons. It is light and airy and has fine views over the hills which surround the house.

4 Meals are varied and of very good quality. Individual likes and dislikes are fully taken into account.

5 Lessons are well structured and have the use of TV, DVD, CDs etc. There is a small library including dictionaries. My level of Spanish is quite advanced (year 3 of an Open University degree) and Adela made sure that she concentrated on the areas where I needed to progress. In addition, I had indicated a desire to learn some legal Spanish. Adela had specifically invested in the purchase of a bilingual legal dictionary and taped a Spanish TV programme on the Court system in Madrid. My Spanish improved considerably during the fortnight.

6 From a social point of view, the family is very welcoming and really helpful. For example, I wished to go for a walk or run every evening and Adela would drive me to the start and pick me up half an hour later.

7 Adela works very hard. She dictates the useful exercises at the end of the day and provides you with them in MP3 format at the end of the course. I have now put these on CD and listen to them in my car. Adela has also provided some ‘after-care’ since I finished - in relation to projects upon which I am working.

8 In summary, this was a very worthwhile course, run efficiently and with charm by Adela, supported by her family. The only qualifications I would make are (i) if you really hate dogs, Adela has 2 (who live outside) and there are very many in the area (ii) the area is somewhat remote and not served properly by public transport

Stephen Stewart




I have attended Dialogue twice and would do so again if the opportunity presents itself.

Before I came for the first time, I spent over 30 hours researching schools on the Internet. I could not find any other schools that were as comprehensive in their approach and methods as Dialogue. In order to really learn a language, most people understand that the best way is to think and live the language as much as possible. This is central to the methodology of Dialogue.

Moreover, the process of learning a language is not solely incumbent on the student. The teachers must be motivated and love the process of teaching. At Dialogue, Carmen and her staff are extremely knowledgeable and effective at their job.

John Paul Lussow

MBA student



Thank you for providing me the opportunity to learn Spanish in an environment perfect for me.

Up to now, I have been forgetting Spanish as fast as I learned it. Now I feel I learned so much in this one week that for sure I will keep it going by speaking Spanish with my wife.

I especially liked the social conversation that came along with the great meals.

Dan Rayes

il Engineer



I have studied several languages, buy have not experienced progress like I did in Fontpineda.

Juergen Plotz

Railway Engineer, Germany


To learn a new language requires dedication, commitment and enthusiasm of both student and teacher – Carmen and her colleagues have all this in abundance.

Lea Malcolm

Property Development UK


Based on the former students' comments, I felt confident that the course at Dialogue would be excellent. I had no idea, however, that the experience would be as effective, enjoyable and fulfilling as it ultimately proved to be. Although I am sure that there are many fine programs throughout Spain and Latin America, I personally can't imagine that a better program than Dialogue's exists anywhere.

I would estimate that in terms of grammar, usage and comprehension, my Spanish skills improved in two weeks more than they would have in one entire year of traditional university level language study.

If advancing your language skills in the quickest way possible is your primary goal, then Dialogue Idiomas is a superb choice.

Alan Weiss


"The most important consequence of learning a new language is that a new person begins to live. Thank you to Carmen, Norma and Julian for looking after me. And thanks also to Carmen for the good food."

Marc Desmedt,



"The most important element of learning a new language is thinking in that language, and that is what I now do. I had not just one, but two very special teachers for two months."

Sunshine Sun, Korea


"The ambience and the Dialogue working methods are optimal. I have been able to progress well, and am leaving with a solid base for the future."

Laurent Gauthier, Belgium


"Thank you to Carmen, her family and her team of colleagues for this first big step into the Spanish language. I feel that the journey of discovery of the Spanish language, people and culture that I have begun with you will enrich my life in the coming years."

Paul Culley, Council of the European Union


"Many thanks for the weeks I have spent with you. I very much enjoy total immersion with your family. I hope to come back very quickly."

Sven Hansen, UBS


"As far as the teaching is concerned, I am pleased. The classes with Carmen and Montse have given me much confidence. Without doubt, I have improved during this week thanks to the excellent teachers. Above all, I have enjoyed the family and teachers I have met here. I want to come back. See you soon !"

Keiko Hirano, Japan


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